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Past Life Regression Project:

I underwent three sessions of past life regression hypnosis, where I experienced ten past lives. Each piece is a past life. Some pieces are being worked through, while a few are fully formed.

Crystal Dyer Past Life Project Chateau Orquevaux.jpgCrystal Dyer Past Life Project.jpgCrystal_Dyer_PastLifeNo.2CRYSTAL-0952CRYSTAL-0953 .jpgCrystal Past Life No. 12 2.jpgCrystal Past Life No. 12

Past Life No. 2:

I was an aristocrat 12-year-old girl in 1778 in France. I was at a fancy party. I looked down at my beautiful shoes. They had small flowers on the side. I looked up at gold crown moulding. I was in a small palace. Women had powdered wigs and large dresses. I saw how I died. I floated above and watched a woman in her thirties fall over in the street into a man’s arms. There were buildings around, however, it was a dirt road. My hypnotist asked how I died? I said, ‘Heart attack’.

Embroidery, gold leaf, oil paint, graphite, and copper pipe on linen. 29 x 83 inches.

Ink, gold leaf, and 1778 French copper coin on paper. 28 x 33 inches.


Crystal Dyer Past Life Hypnosis Painting
Crystal Dyer Chateau Orquevaux Past Life No. 1

Past Life No. 1

My first ‘Life’ during my first past life session was very intense. My hypnotist asked me to open my eyes and everything was dark. She said to ‘turn on the lights’. I was paralyzed with fear. I couldn’t move and I saw light from a fire flickering on wooden beams. I knew I was in New England in a Christian / Puritan church or building. My hypnotist asked if I wanted to see how I died in this life. I declined. I’ve never experienced such immense fear.

Oil on Linen. 18 x 21.5 inches.

My Tombstone by Crystal Dyer Charcoal Rubbing of Gravestone
‘Tomb’ 2014 Charcoal on paper. 28.5 x 19.5 inches.
'Beyond the Grave' by Crystal Dyer Chalk Rubbing of Tombstone
‘Beyond the Grave’ 2014 Chalk on paper. 32 x 22 inches.