Queen Anne's Lace Daucus Carrota Wild Carrot Seeds oil painting on Canvas 2022 by Crystal Dyer Feminist Artist Women's Rights Liberation Abortion Prochoice Radical FeminismDaucus Carota 2022
52 1/4 x 52 1/4 inches
Oil paint on Canvas.
Queen Anne’s Lace (USA) or Wild Carrot Seeds (UK) are safe implantation inhibitors (Morning After pills) midwives, wise women & witches have known about for ages. It’s an invasive weed, usually found growing in ditches. These wildflowers look up at me from railroad tracks, on desolate highways, and in forgotten graveyards. I see them as symbols of women’s perseverance and dissidence. I want everyone to share in my secret, to smile as I do, when you see them next to a crumbling stone wall. Abortion access is being used as a political tool by both the right & left in the US. Neither party cares. Women need to take the power back by learning about our own bodies (FAM: Fertility Awareness Method) & herbs.  Queen Anne’s Lace has “hairy legs” on the stem. Poisonous Hemlock looks similar but has a very smooth stem with purple blotches. Remember, “As sure as the hair on Queen Anne’s legs.” Always consult an herbalist or midwife before taking any supplement.
Exhaustion Spiral: Widdershins 2021
Walking to Work Backwards Fall 2019
This is a clip of the approximately 27-minute performance piece, where I walk to my nine-to-five job on the Upper East Side through Central Park backwards.