Faint Drawings

Experiments in Faint Drawing
In this experiment, I attempted to record the gesture of my own unconscious fall. I have vasovagal syncope episodes when I see blood, usually when I have blood drawn. Initially, these fainting spells were sparked by a traumatic event in my childhood when I watched my Mother have a blood transfusion. I am very afraid of fainting, but there is a strange, almost guilty pleasure I take from it. The act of fainting for me is a way to escape from my fearful situation. When I faint, I have fainting dreams or visions. Many times these visions are frightening and usually deal with my memory, forgetting who I am or what I should be doing.
'Faint Drawings' Folder by Crystal Dyer
Faint Drawings Folder from the Faint Visions series. Photographs, Collage, Paper Clips, Band-Aid, Folder, Ink on Paper. 2011
'Faint Drawing No.1' by Crystal Dyer
Faint Drawing No. 1  from the  Faint Visions series. Graphite Powder, String, and pins on Studio wall. 2011
'Faint Drawing No. 2' by Crystal Dyer
Faint Drawing No. 2 from the Faint Visions series. Graphite Powder on Studio wall. 2011