Faint Drawings

Experiments in Faint Drawing 2011

In this experiment, I attempted to record the gesture of my own unconscious fall. I have vasovagal syncope episodes when I see blood, usually when I have blood drawn. Initially, these fainting spells were sparked by a traumatic event in my childhood when I watched my Mother have a blood transfusion. I am very afraid of fainting, but there is a strange, almost guilty pleasure I take from it. The act of fainting for me is a way to escape from my fearful situation. When I faint, I have fainting dreams or visions. Many times these visions are frightening and usually deal with my memory, forgetting who I am or what I should be doing.

'Faint Drawings' Folder by Crystal Dyer
‘Faint Drawings’ Folder
'Faint Drawing No.1' by Crystal Dyer
‘Faint Drawing No. 1’ Graphite Powder, String, and pins on Studio wall.
'Faint Drawing No. 2' by Crystal Dyer
‘Faint Drawing No. 2’ Graphite Powder on Studio wall.