My Tombstone by Crystal Dyer Charcoal Rubbing of Gravestone
‘My Tomb’ 2014 Charcoal on paper. 28.5 x 19.5 inches.


'Beyond the Grave' by Crystal Dyer Chalk Rubbing of Tombstone
‘Beyond the Grave’ 2014. Chalk on paper. 32 x 22 inches.
'Infinity' drawing under hypnosis by Crystal Dyer
‘Infinity’ from the ‘Visions in the Dark’ series. May 7th, 2013. Pigment oil stick, acrylic paint on paper. 50 x 38 inches.


Crystal Dyer Veil Visions in the Dark Hypnosis Drawing
‘Veil’ from the ‘Visions in the Dark’ series. November 29th, 2012.  Ink on paper. 39.5 x 28 inches.
'Cloth' Veil Hypnosis Drawing Crystal Dyer
‘Cloth’ from the ‘Visions in the Dark’ series.  June 6th, 2013. Ink on paper. 25.75 x 19.75 inches.
Mirror Drawing No.27 by Crystal Dyer
‘Mirror Drawing No. 27’  from the ‘Faint Visions’  series.  Ink + Graphite Powder on Ledger Paper. 15-3/8 x 10 inches.