Prayer Drawings


'Prayer Drawings' Folder by Crystal Dyer

Experiments in Prayer Drawing:

In this experiment, I attempted to enter into a higher state of consciousness through the repetition of words and complete concentration and intention focused on those words. Handwriting is a form of drawing, and specific words have inherent power in them. I wished to harness that power and understanding of a word in order to gain a better understanding of myself. Many times I wrote the words in mirror writing and soaked the paper in wax so I can see every possible angle of a word. Soaking the drawings in wax also preserves the image and it is given as much immortality as possible. Many of the drawings I have done, I destroyed by painting one side of them and then ripping them up. It is simply a visual reminder of the eventual deterioration of the paper, space, and myself.

'My Will' by Crystal Dyer