Crystal Dyer + Statement +

I wish to discover what’s beyond the visible. I feel it’s my duty as an artist to take over the investigation where science severed itself from the supernatural. The mystical is a part of nature, and humanity is nature. I need to examine, with myself as a test subject, what (if any) truth there is to these spiritual claims. However, unlike a scientist, my reports are composed of my expressed feelings and experiences. My aim is to forge a connection beyond time, beyond death, beyond worlds, but mostly, beyond myself.

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My practice is a series of experiments where I explore certain methods, usually occult in nature, in order to attain a greater understanding of myself and my place in the world.  My materials are considered based on what the project deems necessary and the constraints of my abilities. It’s important to me that my hand be the sole maker, ensuring that there is a transference of my essence -failures and epiphanies- into the work.