Shock Drawings

'Shock Drawing' Folder by Crystal Dyer

Experiments in Shock Drawing

In this experiment, I used the apparatus of the Natuetronics Model D to influence my drawings. The Natuetronics Model D is an instrument that sends Bio-Active frequencies through a person’s body in order to cure a malady. Numbers are linked with different frequency patterns that are correlated to specific illnesses. The Model D that I used belonged to my Mother. As a child, the sound right before the sequence commenced filled me with an anticipating fear-like thunder before lightning. When I make a shock drawing, I choose numbers that correspond to illnesses of the mind such as hallucinations, dizziness, and other mental illnesses. The machine is running when I draw. I hold the metal conductive cylinders in my hands along with the pen I use to make the drawing. This experiment explores how pain is used to heal, and in the process, pain can elevate one into another state of consciousness.


'Shock Drawing No. 49' Detail by Crystal Dyer

'Shock Experiment No. 49' by Crystal Dyer


'Shock Experiment No. 72' by Crystal Dyer


'Shock Experiment in No.73' by Crystal Dyer

'Shock Drawings' Installation by Crystal Dyer