Mirror Drawings


Experiments in Mirror Drawing
In this experiment, I drew with two hands at the exact same time, attempting to make the same stroke or gesture with both hands. I am right-handed, but in this experiment, I used my left hand to simulate disorientation. However, I am more confident in drawing with my right hand because of years of experience of the hand being dexterous. Even though drawing with my left hand is shaky, my mind is able to concentrate and control the hand. Drawing in different positions with both hands at the same time is too advanced for me. It results in focus being given to one hand while the other hand arbitrarily scratches at the same mark. Now I draw with both hands simultaneously in order to shift focus away from the dominant hand. In these experiments the physical movement of the hands is symmetrical but the two sides in the drawing do not reflect each other. My seemingly symmetrical drawings are asymmetrical. Additionally, I am interested in the notion of an automatic drawing state —- one where the drawing comes either from the unconscious or simply from the enjoyment of the hand motions. In order to intensify this experience, I have been drawing blindfolded and two-handed, which physically forces me into an altered mental state.
Mirror Drawing Folder Crystal Dyer
Mirror Drawing Folder from the Faint Visions series. Photographs, Paper Clips, Folder, Ink on Paper, and Graphite on Paper. 2011
Mirror Drawing No. 56 by Crystal Dyer
Mirror Drawing No. 56 from the  Faint Visions series. Ink + Graphite Powder on Ledger Paper. 15-3/8 x 10 inches. 2011.
Crystal Dyer Mirror Drawing No.27.jpg
Mirror Drawing No. 27 from the Faint Visions series. Ink + Graphite Powder on Ledger Paper.  15-3/8 x 10 inches.  2011.